How sync•gw improves productivity

With sync•gw you easily enhance the productivity of your company.

What sync•gw support

Our software supports a variety of synchronization protocols.

Last changes

Version 9.19.66, published on 2022-09-26

  • Changed: Error handling in RoundCube data base connector enhanced
  • Fixed: ActiveSync <Reminder> time not always exported properly
  • Changed: Test scripts and data reworked
  • Fixed: Translation of contact groups to user selected language in RoundCube
  • Fixed: Modification of recurring event not always exchanged properly
  • Fixed: Record loading in mail handler
  • Changed: Upgraded to PHPMailer 6.6.4
  • Changed: New internal configuration variables for mail handler
  • Changed: Mail handler now always return read status of mail
  • Changed: ActiveSync <NativeBodyType> code changed to AirSyncBase for e-Mail handler
  • Fixed: ActiveSync <ResolveRecipients> only returns availability time if requested in <Options>
  • Changed: Catching MySQL error "2006 MySQL server has gone away" and retrying after given time period
  • Changed: Some messages updated
  • Changed: Limited max. object size during trace viewing or debugging to 3MB
  • Fixed: E-Mail addresses with mutated vowel in name
  • Fixed: Adding missing start time in RoundCube task recurrence if only <DueDate> is give