Welcome to syncgw.com!

Software BoxOur sync•gw software is the one and only fully portable server available providing synchronization service between nearly any mobile device and your private server.

We could reach this outstanding flexibility by choosing PHP as the programming language. This programming language is available on all common web servers. As a result you don't need to worry about type of operating system your web synchronization server is running on or if sync•gw is compatible to your hardware.

Download and install our software and sync•gw is ready for use!

Another big advantage of using PHP is you get our software in source code. This gives you full control and makes your investment stable. Any developer with PHP skill can easily and quickly modify or extend sync•gw to meet any special requirements.

What does sync•gw support?

Our software supports all popular synchronization protocols WBXML, Sync4j, SyncML, CalDav, CardDav and MicroSoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

This extensive protocol support enables you to use OS implemented synchronization on nearly all client devices (e.g. mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs, laptop, desktop PC).

How can sync•gw improve your productivity?

  • Use sync•gw to backup your essential data - as soon as you've synchronized your client device, all data is saved - if you need to replace your cell-phone, simply synchronize with new device and you will immediately have access to all your data.
  • Using a local mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird or Personal Information Manager (PIM) on your laptop or desktop computer, use third party synchronization software plugins to synchronize with sync•gw installation. Within minutes all of your contact data is available for synchronization with mobile devices.
  • Do you want to share your customer contacts or calendar data within your company? Feed data into sync•gw server and your employees can easily synchronize data on their hand held device from shared data store.

For more information take a look at our feature description.

You can download a list of all changes to out software here.