SyncML : How do I have to configure my device for synchronizing?

Please apologize; we're not able to provide documentation on how to configure all devices. Please use the following Nokia S40 or Nokia S60 description as starting point. This documentation may help you figuring out how to configure your device.

If you still have problems, please let us know and we'll check, if we can provide additional documentation.

Nokia S40

  1. Select «Settings»
  2. Select «Configuration»
  3. Select «Personal Configuration Settings»
  4. Select «Add»
  5. Select «Synchronization»
  6. Select «Account name». Enter into Account name field any name you want (we use syncgw). Enter into Server address field the URL to your server (http://[hostname]/sync.php). Enter into User name field your username. Enter into Password field your password
  7. Select «Contact database»
  8. Change «Database address» to "./Contact"
  9. Go back
  10. Select "Options" and then «Activate»
  11. Hit on "Select" button; go back and select «Contacts»
  12. Click on «Synchronize all»
  13. Start synchronization by clicking on «Yes»

Nokia S60

  1. Click on button «Menu»
  2. Select «Connectivity»
  3. Select «Sync»
  4. Select «Options»
  5. Select «New sync profile»
  6. Select «Start»
  7. Enter Profile name (e.g. "devsync") and select «Next»
  8. Select 1.2 and click on «Next»
  9. Mark Contact and click on «Next»
  10. Enter "./Contact" and click on «Next»
  11. Select Internet and click on «Next»
  12. Enter URL to your server (https://[hostname]/sync.php) and click on «Next»
  13. Leave field empty and click on «Next»
  14. Enter your user id and click on «Next»
  15. Enter your password and click on «Next»
  16. Select «Yes»
  17. Go back and select «Contacts»
  18. Go back and select «Options»
  19. Select Synchronization, then Start and click on «Select»
  20. Select profile previously created and click on «Select»

Last update on 2022-11-12 by syncgw.

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