Interface handler

sync•gw requires a Interface handler to store and handle data during synchronization. The following interfaces are currently available:

File data base handler

This data base handler is useful when your installation does not provide any MySQL data base handler.

MySQL data base handler

This data base handler is useful when you want to synchronize data between devices and you does not have any server application running.

RoundCube data base handler

This data base handler includes the MySQL data base handler mentioned above. Additionally this interface handler synchronizes data (e.g. contact records) from RoundCube with sync•gw internal records. Your application users can always access most current data.

Mail interface handler

The purpose of this interface handler is to communicate to a IMAP and a SMTP handler. It is an "on top" interface to all other data base handler. Currently this interface handler is in development and we hope to offer it as soon as possible. Please aware, this interface handler does not turn sync•gw into a full blown Exchange server. It does not support only MicroSoft Exchange protocol. But it is able to synchronize mails from your mail server to client devices.

Interface handler XYZ

If you require any another interface handler for which you're need a handler not listed here, you may either develop your own (for more information, please read our Developer Guide in our download section) or you may contact us and we will provide you a offering.

All of our interface handler can be tested here.