sync•gw server

sync•gw server features:

  • Written in PHP - no binary CPU depended code
  • Full source code available (open source)
  • Support of all SyncML protocol version (1.0, 1.1 1.2) as published by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance)
  • Support of XML and WBXML protocol
  • Support of WebDAV (CalDAV and CardDAV) protocol
  • Support of ActiveSync protocol (2.5, 12.0, 12.1, 14.0, 14.1, 16.0, 16.1)
  • Only a web server with PHP is required to run sync•gw (no additional software or tools required)
  • Full internationalization support
  • Multi byte support (support for e.g. Japanese language)
  • Support for time zones
  • Multiple level of logging supported
  • Intelligent field assignment - calculated based on mix of configuration file and probability calculation
  • Support for "Network", "Session" and "Documents" level authorization
  • Programming documentation available (see Developers Guide in our download section)
  • Support for encrypted message exchange using SSL web server setting
  • Administrator browser interface with password protection

Our browser based administrator interface provides access to all internal data records. Plugins included:

  • Run-time environment and sync•gw status check
  • Administrator interface password management
  • sync•gw configuration
  • Select and establish / drop connection to data base
  • Log file viewer
  • Record explorer
  • Record viewer
  • Delete data record
  • Cleanup of session and trace data
  • Download data record (e.g. trace data for further analysis)

sync•gw setup is very easy. Download and unzip sync•gw software packages, define a administrator password, connect a data base handler and sync•gw is ready for your first synchronization.

A detailed description of available configuration option is available in our browser interface documentation available in our download section.