sync•gw server

sync•gw server supported features:

  • Written in PHP - no binary CPU depended code
  • Full source code provided (open source)
  • Support of all SyncML protocol version (1.0, 1.1 1.2) as published by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance)
  • Support of XML and WBXML protocol
  • Support of WebDAV (CalDAV and CardDAV) protocol
  • Support of ActiveSync protocol (2.5, 12.0, 12.1, 14.0, 14.1, 16.0, 16.1)
  • Only a web server with PHP is required to run sync•gw (no additional software or tools required)
  • Full internationalization support
  • Multi byte support (support for e.g. Japanese language)
  • Support for time zones
  • Multiple level of logging supported
  • Intelligent field assignment - calculated based on mix of configuration file and probability
  • Support for "Network", "Session" and "Documents" level authorization
  • Programming documentation available (see Developers Guide)
  • Support for encrypted message exchange using SSL web server setting
  • Administrator browser interface with password protection

Our browser based administrator interface provides access to all internal data records. Plugins included:

  • Run-time environment and sync•gw status check
  • Administrator interface password management
  • sync•gw configuration
  • Select and establish / drop connection to data base
  • Log file viewer
  • Record explorer
  • Record viewer
  • Delete data record
  • Cleanup of session and trace data
  • Download data record (e.g. trace data for further analysis)

sync•gw setup is very easy. Download and unzip sync•gw software packages, define a administrator password, connect to data base and sync•gw is ready for your first synchronization.

A detailed description of available configuration option is available in our browser interface documentation available in our download section.

sync•gw special synchronization options

With this options you can configure how to handle synchronization requests from client devices.

  • Replace On Client

    This is option is very useful using an data base (e.g. "phlyMail") to protect application data. sync•gw cleans up any data on client device; then sync•gw starts a synchronization from scratch. This is an emulation of client synchronization option 205.

  • Merge

    sync•gw saves status of all data records for each client device and synchronize only added, changed or deleted records.

  • Replace On Server

    All data is deleted and replaced by available data records from client device. This is an emulation of client synchronization option 202.

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