sync•gw server


sync•gw is the one and only fully portable server software available providing synchronization service between nearly any mobile device and your private server.

We could reach this outstanding flexibility by choosing PHP as the programming language. This programming language is available on all common web servers. As a result you don't need to worry about type of operating system your web synchronization server is running on or if sync•gw is compatible to your hardware.

Download and install our software and sync•gw is ready for use!

Another big advantage of using PHP is you get our software in source code. This gives you full control and makes your investment stable. Any developer with PHP skill can easily and quickly modify or extend sync•gw to meet any special requirements.

Our sync•gw server contains all protocol interfaces and libraries required for communication with devices.

For customers located within EU additional VAT (German MwSt.) may apply. The total invoice balance is available during check out processing.